Established in Red Hook in 2000


ISTATION ART STUDIO, established in Red Hook in 2000, is a year-round visual arts program that offers innovative art class for all ages: children (4-12), teens and adults. An artistic experience that allows students to experiment with a wide range of mediums including drawing, painting, 3D construction/sculpture, print-making, silk-painting, art history, world cultural arts, and more.

ISTATION Art Studio is a special and unique school for creative exploration, learning, and self-expression. Art history from the ancient to the modern … global arts from Indonesian puppetry, Japanese sumie (ink painting) to Venetian mask-making and more to keep  our curriculum lively and inspiring.  Students of all ages and levels create quality artwork,  guided by passionate teachers in online sessions, workshops, parties:  both group and private. For more information or to register, please call us at (646)-306-2520 or email us at


Norine Nakao-Peyton

A graduate of UC Berkeley, Norine has studied studio art, art history and liberal arts at Boston College, Barnard College and UC Berkeley. Born in Hawaii and raised in Tokyo, she teaches art with 20 years+ of experience to children, teens and adults. She has also been an instructor at the Honolulu Museum of Art School.


Kevin Rifenburg

Kevin Rifenburg, holds a MFA/Visual Arts from Lesley University College of Art & Design in Cambridge Mass; BA/Fine Arts from Bard College. Studies in Painting at Pennsylvania College of Fine Arts, Philadelphia. Kevin has worked at Astor Services in Rhinebeck for about 33 years, both as an expressive arts instructor and creative arts planner for youth. Traditionally trained as a figurative painter, his approach is building a firm foundation with the artistic process and delivering a rigorous curriculum that encourages each student’s creativity/growth.



Aurora Abzug graduated from Bard College in 2019 with a degree in studio art, focus in painting. She is also an alumna of the Ridgewood Art Institute, where she studied classical drawing and painting, as a dedicated young teen for 7 consecutive years. Abzug has exhibited in numerous shows, including the AXA Art Prize of 2019, and the American Artists Professional League Grand National Exhibition of 2019. Recently, she has been the recipient for the prestigious international Nes Artist Residency in Skagastrond, Iceland. As an art instructor, for 3 years, she has taught oil and acrylic painting for high schoolers and adults at ISTATION Art Studio in Red Hook, New York. Aurora continues to teach, sharing her passion and knowledge about art with great pleasure.


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COJO is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts (NYC), commercial artist, illustrator (lead illustrator at Maxim Magazine for 4 years), graphic designer & painter for clients such as Marvel Comics (colorist at age 16), MTV, Nickelodeon, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Vibe; Nike, AT&T and WWE. His artwork has been printed in 16 countries and translated into 15 languages. 



Renee Finkelstein

Renee Finkelstein is a figurative and portrait painter who studied Fine Arts at Cornell University, the Art Students League and School of Visual Arts in NYC. She has been teaching creative subjects for over 15 years.


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Michael Bodnar

Michael Bodnar has over two decades of experience as a fine artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. He holds a BA from Bard College, where he also received the Studio Arts Award. He is currently pursuing an MAT in Arts Education and is committed to making art accessible for everyone — plus encouraging young artists to realize their fullest potential.


Our Philosophy

At ISTATION we strive to inspire our students to bring out the spirit of the artist within. Exposing our students to aesthetics, art history, world culture and a wide spectrum of mediums, we also encourage the importance of self-expression. Our classes aim at exploration, tapping one’s imagination, and fully enjoying the artistic experience. Students benefit at IS in developing their own style, learning new skills and building self-confidence with the rewards of seeing all the results of their creative endeavors.



Some Testimonials …


She has really learned a lot in the Comic Book class and it’s been so great for her!  She absolutely loves it!”     N.H.  (Red Hook)

Absolutely gorgeous. What you do for (and GIVE) all these kids is so inspiring!”    M.M.  (Red Hook)

“(They) had such an amazing experience at the camp. We have so many wonderful creations to treasure for years to come and share with family.  I have noticed how much more creative all three of them have become as a result of their two weeks with you.”     H.L.  (NYC)

First I want to thank you so much: for the camp itself but also for the way you do things… I think you understand her pretty well and she very much admires you. That can be a lot when you are trying to teach a wide range of kids… I can’t get over all the work she’s done with you and how much you accomplished in the shorter week… It is very inspiring, that environment you’ve created.”     K.B. (Marist College)




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