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“This is the best painting class I have ever taken.
And believe me, I have taken many art classes over the years."



“Her work from camp is still proudly displayed throughout the house, and she’s looking forward to getting back to work with you in August…  She speaks often of her time in your studio. It’s a great source of pride for her and a big part of why she identifies as an artist.” 


(New Paltz)

"First I want to thank you so much: for the camp itself but also for the way you do things… I think you understand her pretty well and she very much admires you.  That can be a lot when you are trying to teach a wide range of kids…  I can’t get over all the work she’s done with you and how much you accomplished in the shorter week…  It is very inspiring, that environment you’ve created.” 


(Marist College)

“(They) had such an amazing experience at the camp. We have so many wonderful creations to treasure for years to come and share with family.  I have noticed how much more creative all three of them have become as a result of their two weeks with you ???? "



“(She) couldn’t imagine life without IS.   I understand that she would go to the Tuesday session this year? Count her in!”  



“Absolutely gorgeous. What you do for (and GIVE) all these kids is so inspiring!”  


(Red Hook)

“I’ve changed his and my schedules regarding other things to accommodate the art classes. We are both very excited about seeing you again and getting immersed in all the glorious art-making.” 


(Bard College)

Tap into your creativity from home! iStation has transitioned to online sessions. 

For more information call us at (646)-306-2520 or email us at for inquiries and sign-ups.


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