The iStation now has been operating in Red Hook for 18 years!

Since 2000, our art school has been supported by the community of Red Hook and we are grateful to all who have been a part of this.  Many former students cherish their memories of the fun-filled classes at IS, where the “creative process” is also valued, as much as the finished product. Previous students have gone on to to study art at Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, NYU,  Brooklyn College, Bard, Bowdoin College, etc. and continue to amaze us with what they are up to. Some of our former students currently: at The NY Times, as an assistant to a successful Manhattan interior designer/decorator, studying fashion in London & NYC.

Today children from around the Hudson Valley, Manhattan, Paris, London, Beijing, Holland, Japan, etc. are joining our sessions, relishing their unique experience and learning various mediums of art with us.

We now offer teen and adult painting classes.  Our instructors this year include:  Aurora Abzug & Brittany Tucker for painting & Dezi Sienty for figure drawing & clay; Debbie Jeffreys, Hannah Myers, Lily Lasher for K-3rd gr, COJO for Sat cartooning workshops.

(Photo above: Our early beginnings at IS, our second year in 2001)

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