Taste Budds Cafe in Red Hook is pleased to present a group exhibition of exciting new works by iStation painting classes through the month of May. The show is a collection of about 15 or so paintings in oil and acrylics depicting images of self-portraits, still lifes, nature and a few other subjects.

Instructor Rob Bazer guides his teen and adult students through the process where they learn about various techniques to create these glowing paintings. From beginners to experienced, the artists may start with hesitation, and then soon enough find him/herself confident with their second work. “Learning to see” and create form, understanding the essence of color and hues: these are only a few of the many aspects that are involved in the process with these classes.

Inspired by some of the old masters for their handling of light and attention to detail, one can see these influences in some of the paintings that currently hang in the cafe. Self-portraits are not always the easiest subject matter and yet how moving to see these painterly faces, as their eyes gaze out at the viewer. There are still-lifes that are like those from another time, a sunset with cat umbrella or magnolia warbler.

The show also includes Bazer’s pieces as “Circle of Humanity”, a satirical glimpse into the ring of man by orangutan. This group show will run from May 1-May 31, 2105, with an opening reception on May 10th, Sunday 7-8:30 p.m.

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